Tree Planting Initiatives

Empowering Rural Communities: Imo State’s Community Leaders Champion Tree Planting Initiatives in Partnership with One Tree Forest Foundation (OTFF)

June 3, 2023 Imo State, Nigeria– In a remarkable collaboration aimed at preserving the environment and fostering sustainable development, Imo State’s Community Leaders have taken the lead in championing tree planting initiatives. Partnering with the esteemed environmental conservation organization, One Tree Forest Foundation (OTFF), these leaders are empowering rural communities and driving positive change. The...Continue reading

Tree Planting Movement

Women Spearhead Tree Planting Movement in Imo State’s Rural Communities

June 1, 2023 Imo State, Nigeria – In a remarkable display of environmental leadership, women in rural communities across Imo State have taken up the mantle to drive the tree planting movement under the guidance of the One Tree Forest Foundation. This dynamic environmental conservation organization has made it their primary mission to promote tree...

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