Triangulation Abuse: How to Identify and Overcome It in Interpersonal Relationships

Triangulation Abuse: How to Identify and Overcome It in Interpersonal Relationships

Learn how to identify and overcome triangulation abuse in interpersonal relationships with these practical tips and strategies from a professional relationship counselor. Introduction: Interpersonal relationships can be a source of great joy, but they can also be fraught with challenges. One of the most insidious of these challenges is triangulation abuse. Triangulation occurs when one...Continue reading

Passive Aggression

Overcoming Passive Aggression: Strategies for Better Relationships

Passive aggression is a toxic behavior that can harm relationships and mental health. Learn how to identify, overcome, and improve communication for healthier relationships. Introduction Interpersonal relationships are complex and require constant effort from both parties involved. In some cases, one person may resort to passive aggression as a way to cope with their emotions...Continue reading

Overcoming Threats in Interpersonal Relationships

Overcoming Threats in Interpersonal Relationships: Strategies to Protect Yourself from Manipulation

Identify overcoming threats in interpersonal relationships. Set boundaries, avoid engaging, and seek support to protect yourself from manipulation. Introduction to Overcoming Threats In Interpersonal Relationships. In today's complex world, the prevalence of manipulation and threats in interpersonal relationships is a harsh reality many individuals face. These tactics are often employed by manipulators to assert control...Continue reading

Overcoming the Silent Treatment: Strategies to Stop Emotional Abuse

Overcoming the Silent Treatment: Strategies to Stop Emotional Abuse

Learn how to overcome the harmful effects of the silent treatment, a manipulative form of emotional abuse.  The silent treatment is a form of emotional abuse where one person deliberately ignores or withholds communication from the other person as a means of control or punishment. It is often used as a tool of manipulation and...Continue reading

Manipulation in Relationships

Manipulation in Relationships: Examples and FAQs

In today's musing, I will be sharing my thoughts on the vexatious issue of manipulation in relationships which I started yesterday with a muse on Manipulations Everywhere: Are you a victim? Introduction Having identified the many contexts in which manipulation occurs; the social context with specific emphasis on interpersonal relationships is of enormous interest to...Continue reading

Manipulation Everywhere: Are you a victim

Manipulation Everywhere: Are you a victim?

Manipulation refers to the act of influencing or controlling someone or something in a skillful or unfair way for personal gain or benefit. It involves using tactics such as lying, deception, flattery, or other forms of psychological pressure to gain an advantage over others. Manipulation can occur in various contexts, including personal relationships, social situations,...Continue reading

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